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“On Vacation” for string quartet


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On Vacation is a collection of four short pieces for string quartet, written in the style of film music.

The first movement, A Walk In The Woods, composed on 25th November 2003, is a light-hearted piece and it came about after listening to the soundtracks of Cinema Paradiso. When writing it, I had the image of a couple strolling in the woods while on vacation. Sunlight was steaming in between the trees, and the couple was enjoying the smell of wild flowers and sounds of birds and insects.

The second movement, At The Carnival, is a fun piece composed on 8th January 2006. It tells the story of 2 mischievous boys going to a carnival and having fun. There, they watched the performance of a clown and a juggler, then danced with girls they met there. While they were enjoying themselves, they suddenly remembered that it was already past dinner time. They then scrambled and ran all the way home, with the last chord indicating them slamming the door.

Out At Sea, composed on 19th April 2009, is the 3rd movement. It describes a family going out to sea and the things they see along the way.

The fourth and final movement, By The Fireplace, was composed on 5th December 2005. It describes a couple spending a romantic time together in front of a fireplace in winter during Christmas season. Sipping champagne, they talk about life, loved ones and their goals in life. They also re-declare their love and appreciation for each other. As the evening draws to a close, they lovingly embrace and look out the window at the falling snow and into the night sky.

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