A Jolly Good Time (UE Cover)

“A Jolly Good TIme” for two bassoons & piano

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This piece was composed in August 2011. After playing Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (1st movement) a few times in a conducting class, the idea of using its opening motif came to my mind immediately. Thus, I played around with it, changed it to a major key, sort of jazzed it up and made the two bassoons play it a 2nd apart to create a clash in tonality in the introduction. After that, another melody takes over and it is played in a fun and jovial interaction between the three instruments right up till the end. This piece had it’s premiere on the 10th September 2011 at a bassoon recital with Aw Yong Tian and Yap Pei Ying on bassoons and myself on the piano.

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